Oak Grove Cemetery

Oak Grove Cemetery is located in Paducah, Kentucky

Entrance to Oak Grove Cemetery
Overview of Bougeno Plot
View from backside of Bougeno Plot
Entrance to Bougeno Plot
William Bougeno's side of tombstone
Henri Ortance Bougeno's side of tombstone
Ed G. Kruger & Rosa Kruger (nee Bougeno)
Josephine Kramer & John J. Bougeno, Sr.
Nellie Summerville & Henry J. Bougeno, Sr.
Henry J. Bougeno, Sr. & Henry J. Bougeno, Jr.
Mae L. Bougeno Holstenberg & John Daniel Holstenberg
Donald Lee Bougeno
Carl D. Grimm & Ruth Grimm Olsson
John D. Hinton