At Barbecue In Lyon County Last Saturday.

Axom Cooper, A Trigg County Boy, The Victim.

Axom Cooper, nineteen years of age and the second son of Mr. Newt Cooper, of Trigg Furnace, by his last marriage, died last Sunday afternoon at two o'clock as the result of being shot at a barbecue near Rinaldo in Lyon County, last Saturday.

Many reports are in circulation as to the cause of the trouble and the facts connected with the killing, but from the best information obtained it seems that a number of persons are implicated in the affair.

For some time young Cooper had been working on the farm of Milton Oliver in Lyon County, Oliver being one of the witnesses for the State in the Night Rider trials at Hopkinsville, and some feeling had been engendered as a result between Cooper and some of his neighbors. They met at the barbecue given by Tom Litchfield near Rinaldo Saturday, and some trouble was started, and in the round Cooper was knocked down. He drew his pistol and it was then that he was shot several times. All reports agree that many shots were fired and we have not learned who actually shot him. He was shot four times, three times in the body and once in the arm. He was removed to the home of Mr. Litchfield near by and a physician sent for but continued to grow worse until Sunday. (Part of paragraph missing) Services were conducted by Rev. Adolphus Hanberry.

The militia, which is guarding Oliver were notified of the killing, and have arrested several men who are charged with being implicated in the trouble. Col. E.B. Bassett, of Hopkinsville, refused to surrender the men when demanded by the civil authorities of Lyon County, but he was ordered to do so by Gov. Willson on Monday but the latest report is that he has not yet done so.

Reports from Frankfort are to the effect that a military patrol will be established in the neighborhood of the shooting and will be maintained until the trouble is all over. Much excitement exists in the community over the unfortunate conditions.

July 30, 1910

Contributed by Mary Frances Wallace