Wilful Murder

Charged Against Eight Men At Eddyville

Who Are Accused Of The Murder Of Axum Cooper In Lyon County

Roy Merrick, Vilas Mitchell, Luther (Spunk) and Bart Creekmur, Fraud Mitchell, Alonzo Gray, Bryant Hawkins, and James Bozarth were indicted for wilful murder in the Circuit Court at Eddyville last week for the murder of Axum Cooper in Trigg Furnace, at a barbecue near Rinaldo in Lyon county about a month ago.

The cases will not be tried at this term of the court, but motion for bail for the defendants was heard before Judge Hanbery, at Eddyville yesterday. Attorney John W. Kelly and Max Hanberry, of the local bar, who with John T. King, of this city, and James A. Vinson, of Eddyville, are attorneys for the defendants, went to Eddyville Tuesday to look after the motion for bail, as did also Commonwealth's Attorney Denny P. Smith, who came home from Eddyville Saturday afternoon.

Contributed by Mary Frances Wallace